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19-Jun-2020 09:10

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You can use the same techniques as in a Windows application, but it will use the camera on the server...

You need to access the user's camera from its browser, which is tricky.

the plugin or html5 will take the image and upload it to the server..

there can be no direct way in which you server(IIS) can diorectly interact with the webcam This is not at all possible with C#/as this is code that runs on the server, NOT on the client's computer which is where the webcam resides. The current standings of HTML5 and webcams are very scarce, and no-one seems to have properly implemented it: I would recommend silverlight or flash (I'm going to swing towards flash as it has a stronger user base - but saying that, if SL is quicker/cleaner to dev, and you tell your users they need SL - it shouldn't be an issue.

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you will have to use a plugin in case you are not using HTML5..

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Here's a similar question about HTML5 : How to access webcam from HTML5?

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