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From Constantinople the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe were converted by Sts.

Cyril and Methodius and naturally followed the Byzantine Rite.

Chanting or singing of all divine Services including the epistle and Gospel are sung to melodies passed down and preserved for generations.

Byzantine liturgical tradition emphasizes that we offer ourselves to God as we are, bringing only ourselves and worship with our God-given voices.

The Eastern churches, also called Eastern rites, help to complete the fullness of the Catholic Church, both historically as the customs developed over centuries and theologically.

When approaching to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, fold your hands right over left on the breast in the form of Saint Andrew's cross; if unknown to the priest, in a low voice state your first name.

At the Last Supper, after Jesus changed bread and wine into His own Body and Blood, He told His disciples to "Do this in Memory of me." This they did.

As the disciples brought the Gospel to different parts of the world, they adapted ceremonies of the Liturgy to the customs and music of that people.

The Sign of the Cross is made with the right-hand, thumb and the first two fingers placed together proclaiming our belief in the Blessed Trinity.

The remaining two fingers are put in the palm of the hand, indicating the two distinct natures of Jesus, Human and Divine.

A couple of centuries later when the capital of the Roman Empire was moved to the Eastern city of Byzantium and renamed Constantinople, an adaptation of the Antiochian way of celebrating Liturgy was made.