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Will we see anything happen between Annie and Jeff in the future?

Alison Brie: You know, I still think that Annie holds a little flame for Jeff.

There were a number of times I remember, particularly in the second season, in the very first episode we shot and it”s this emotional scene for us at the table because her friend, Jennifer Crane, is having a baby and she can”t.

When we were doing it, Matt was coaching us to take it very seriously, of course. And then when I saw it air, they sort of set it to this funny music and I”m drying my tears with a napkin ring and I couldn”t see the comedy in it when we were working on it – only later when I stepped back and watched it as a viewer.

Dan Harmon told me something once: he said of the 7 members of the study group, Annie is the one he feels on the page is always closest to cartoon. And it”s very understated and a slower pace, so I feel like I”ve learned a lot working on that show, and hopefully it”s carried over to give her some sort of underlying backbone.

And that you sort of somehow find within her a humanity too. Well, Trudy was not a character who was particularly funny in the first couple of seasons and then in season 3 you do the Charleston and then there”s the great bit in the finale where you”re calling Pete from the bedroom because he’s on the verge of blowing it with Don and Roger.

Through texts and their twitter accounts, Brie and Pudi will ask teens to take action in various ways each day, from recycling bottles to visiting a homeless shelter.

Participants can sign their teams up at Do or by texting "HUNT" to 30644. Pudi wasn't sure why he and Brie, of all the "Community" cast members, were asked to participate, but he did offer a guess: "Does it have something to do with our height? Does it have something to do with the fact that we're a boy and a girl? Does it have something to do with the fact that we're really great kissers?

We were shooting in alleys and jumping over boxes and racing around and the pepper spray was kind of the only moment that stayed in, thank God. I feel a bit more comfortable in Trudy”s shoes and can see where that”s going. And those expectations are seldom met in the real world that is either show. And that might be coming from “Mad Men,” because everything that we do over there, the subtlety is really what we”re working with.I think that makes it dangerous and interesting, and obviously to Annie, it's exciting to have a crush on an older guy, and she continues to try to challenge Jeff in that way. Chicago native Danny Pudi and his "Community" co-star Alison Brie on Monday kicked off an 11-day scavenger hunt to encourage teens to volunteer. The scavenger hunt, which involves 11 challenges over 11 days, will get participants involved with such causes as the environment, violence and bullying, animal welfare and education.Back at Comic-Con, I attended the triumphant panel for “Community,” then spent a while interviewing various people associated with the show, then spent some time hanging out on the set and in the writers’ office while I was at press tour.

You’ve hopefully already seen the very funny(*) video interview I did with Donald Glover and Danny Pudi, and I published a small piece out of the interview I did with Dan Harmon, about John Oliver’s expanded role this season.

When I heard we were kissing in the episode, I thought, “Well, it can”t be romantic.” And then I got the script and I said, “Oh good. It makes sense.” And when we shot the scene with the sexual chemistry and we”re trying to study, there was more of that feeling of, “Oh, this is an interesting chemistry that”s happening, that”s happening in a real way.” But it wasn”t until after seeing the fan feedback that really sort of influenced it and just made us go, “Oh, wow.