Invalidating symptom definition

19-Aug-2020 00:57

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Objectives The Illness Invalidation Inventory (3*I) assesses patients’ perception of responses of others that are perceived as denying, lecturing, not supporting and not acknowledging the condition of the patient.

It includes two factors: ‘discounting’ and ‘lack of understanding’.

It was with Ninja Theory’s willingness to “do the work” in mind (and the lack of an apparent Sanity Meter) that I started up eager to embark on a journey through psychosis with a tortured but persistent Pictish lady. While playing I saw the gamut of symptomatology classically associated with psychosis and was alternately guided, taunted and upbraided by auditory hallucinations (which the game calls “the Others” and are credited as “Furies”).

Senua hallucinates glowing runes, with colors and light that are either amplified or dimmed.

Having to embrace Senua’s reality, as Ninja Theory’s puzzles demanded, meant having to give up my lived experiences as a mentally ill person to occupy a perspective that felt inauthentic.The first minute of is an odd mixture of sincerity, preciousness and confusion.