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I agree with thousands of local people who feel that everything must be done to save it."In September 2003, Paul Mc Cartney is writing the music for the upcoming "Shrek 4" film.

Though "Live And Let Die" was used in "Shrek The Third", it was originally written for the James Bond film.

The procedure, which opens up the arteries to allow greater bloodflow, was reportedly done at a private London clinic and was described as "routine" (40,000 are done in the UK alone every year). Calling it, "a vital part of local community life," Paul Mc Cartney is helping those waging a campaign to save his one-time post office in Liverpool.

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Paul and his brother's last visit to see his mother was at the hospital and she was bleeding from her operation but nobody told Paul and his brother that she had breast cancer and was bleeding from her operation,and so Paul and his brother didn't know why she died!I've read that there's only one thing Paul does right handed - playing drums - and he does everything else left handed.Now Phil Colllins, Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Bun E.As I already pointed out in my posts below Paul has always been mostly a brilliant music compose,singer and musician more than a lyric guy although he can and has written some great lyrics!

But even when he did it was always his music that was the best part of his songs!

Paul Mc Cartney, on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), placed a full-page ad in the Louisville Courier-Journal Thursday (July 24, 2003) critical of the practices of fast food giant KFC, who are headquartered there.

Such failures reflect the combination of high relief, litho-structural controls and paraglacial stress release.… continue reading »

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Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Loved Hood Canal and Seattle and oysters In order to maintain the highest quality forums you are restricted to having no more then 2 of the last 10 posts on a thread. I've done many a bike ride on my motorcycle on the Hood Canal. I love Stanley Park, used to bring my bicycle up there to ride around. That hike seems to be a hidden gem."Some women online just play silly games and I don't have the patience for games anymore, so either it's straightforward answers to questions or I will just forget them and move on" "I came across a number of fakers, attention whores and mentally damaged, while I was actively seeking someone and you tend to loose interest in the whole online dating experience, when so few are serious about actually dating""Some have been around longer, than Ghandi and keeping changing their photos around, so people think they are new users and some even have multiple profiles with the same photos on both?… continue reading »

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