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12-May-2020 14:50

The Netherlands actually passed a law restricting drug sales only to citizens, but made it up to local municipalities to choose to enforce them.

Because of the hefty tourist dollars powering its economy, Amsterdam chooses not to enforce the rule, but other cities may.

Berlin is also home to excellent street art and graffiti, so be on the lookout for pieces on buildings and walls.

Brussels is nicknamed “the European Village” – with just over a million people and a much cheaper cost of living than other European metropolitans, but just as much culture and art as the others, Brussels is kind of the plucky younger sibling to London and Paris.

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Haight Street leads to Golden Gate Park, one of the largest public parks in the country.

Here’s where things get fuzzy: it is legal to possess cannabis, but illegal to buy and sell it, and there’s a grey area as to the legality of actually consuming it.

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