Who is frankie from jerseylicious dating

19-Aug-2020 17:45

The husband of “Jerseylicious” reality TV hottie Tracy Di Marco was among 21 people pinched for dealing pain meds and other drugs on Staten Island, authorities said Monday.

Corey Epstein, a bit player on the reality TV show about hair stylists that features his spouse Tracy Di Marco, is accused of selling oxycodone pills outside his New Springville home to an undercover cop Jan. Epstein, 23, couldn’t be reached for comment, but his wife of five months brushed the charges aside, saying her hubby has a legitimate oxy prescription to treat leg pain from a Tribeca bar stabbing.

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Buscar pareja extranjera en internet While jersey shore made jerseylicous mainstream charo the kardashian sisters britney spears keisha all know a thing or two about jerseylicious. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. unlike the show jersey shore the cast in jerseylicious actually have lifes it is beleived that jerseylicious was made to proove that not all people from jersey are well.. the cameras follow the lives of these young career driven professionals and their way to stardom. In addition to starring on jerseylicious she has also worked as a hairstylist for the gatsby salon.

Johnson’s lawyer, Patrick Parrotta, said this is far from an open and shut case.

“There’s entrapment issues,” he said, “and I think there’s a lot of hyperbole in the allegations.” NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the dealing “spanned across multiple neighborhoods on Staten Island and seeped into parks and areas near playgrounds and schools where innocent children would gather.” Epstein made headlines last year when he reportedly got a 0,000 judgment for injuries he said he suffered in a Tribeca bar trying to break up a fight between two women.

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Wie viele sexpartner mit 17, The best show on planet earth!“The only thing my husband is guilty of is having a prescription,” said Di Marco, 26, who sizzles on the cable docu-soap that chronicles life in a New Jersey hair salon.